The satellite phone subsidy scheme is definitely an essential initiative by the Australian government, expected to help take a trip insurance coverage troubles through supply of subsidized satellite telephones. People that are living or feature in areas not served by GSM systems in addition to folks that might be from variety for a significant amount of time (over 6 months) ideally be entitled to the subsidy. Much more so, the aid deals with all kinds of link gadgets, no matter if portable or non-handheld and also pre-paid smartphones on a two-season contract. Just before buying a satellite phone given that dealers do not have the required to state yes to the Buyer Form, you must note that the us government subsidy is in fact a pre-requirement. Alternatively you can rent or employ a satellite phone here.

Can I buy a Pre Paid Sim Card for an Iridium 9575 Extreme Satellite phone in Australia?

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